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Were you bumped from a domestic flight in the past 10 years?

If so, was it:
Voluntarily Involuntarily
Which airline operated the flight?
On which day did the bumping occur?
What was the route?
How much did you pay for the ticket?
Did the airline offer you any compensation at the gate?
If so, did they offer you one or more of the following:
a written statement of passenger's rights alternative transportation to your intended destination
a travel voucher for use on that airline in the future cash or check
If they offered you a travel voucher or cash or a check:
How much did they offer you?
How much was your one-way fare to your intended destination?
Did the airline subsequently (after you left the gate) offer you:
a travel voucher for use on that airline in the future cash or check
Did you make a complaint? If so,
With the airline? With the Department of Transportation?
Some other person or entity?
Do you still have your records of your flight or any compensation you received or were offered, such as:
ticket boarding pass
voucher check, or record of cashing/depositing check
any complaint you filed
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If you were ticketed on one of the following airlines and you were involuntarily denied boarding, ie "bumped" off the flight, you may be entitled to compensation.

AirTran Airways
American Airlines
Atlantic Southeast
Continental Airlines
Express Jet
Hawaiian Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Pinnacle Airlines
Southwest Airlines
US Airways

Alaska Airlines
American Eagle
Delta Air Lines
Frontier Airlines
JetBlue Airways
Northwest Airlines
SkyWest Airlines
United Air Lines


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